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    Thanks a lot for helping me to understand what Josh really said. It's a little difficult for me just listening to him.
    You are so kind.
    Big hugs from Spain.


    Reply from BMWbiker1200gt:

    You are most welcome. Spain? That is a beautiful country. Some day I should like to visit.

    a.k.a. BMWBiker
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    c66.jpg Animal Planet image by purgatoristar


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    Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you are the bug. lol

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    Elaine is a LONG time dedicated fan of JG. She started the "Captions" thread in Pictures that I frequent. If it was taken off, there was a good reason, of that I am sure. I hope WBR explanation made sense. Take care, everyone makes mistakes with out knowing it until it is too late.
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    Reply from BMWbiker1200gt:

    Apparently, I have been forgiven for whatever infraction as I received the last tweet Re Adam. However, I did not get the earlier tweets he made.

    Perhaps it was because on twitter I was following this Corner Pub, and the WEBmaster said she has been banned, but would not tell me why other than some kind of disrespect for fellow Grobanites.

    I'm afraid I don't read all the threads, so I don't know what is happening in GrobanWorld. I'm a bad grobie!
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    Hi Violet, I have no idea why they blocked you or would take the trouble to, but I did notice you had noted a website on Media that Elaine(EB) said was a no no and maybe it was done for them, especiall JG since he has soo many followers. I do not know why it is a no no, I will ask sometime, but I am sure there is a very good reason it IS, and your post was deleted. How do you know they blocked you? Josh RT me a while back so I doubt he will again and do not expect it. I like to see him tweeting others, they get so excited, I am mundane in my reactions in comparison! I doubt few here new it was me.Hopefully you will get unblocked. Take Care
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    Reply from BMWbiker1200gt:

    Yes, I got a comment from the Webmaster regarding my post. I had no idea. Who is this elaine and what did she do to garner such distaste? Must have been way before my time with JG because I have no idea who she is or what she did.

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    Yep, I think the house in Malibu is a little big for one man and the Beverly Hills condo is closer to the action for him. *thinks of hanging with Josh in Malibu staring at the ocean* sigh!! I totally agree with you. But I guess for a busy, single guy....

    It's nice to properly meet you Biker. Look forward to a long cyber friendship.


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    Reply from BMWbiker1200gt:

    So, is the photo shoot done on Oakhurst? or Las Palmas?

    Nice to meet you to.